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Sailpoint Free Training

Sailpoint Free Training
  • Srivalli
  • September 8, 2022

What are the sailpoint use cases?

We will describe the following sailpoint use cases in this section:

  • Configuration Change Workflow
  • IdentityIQ Integration
  • Access Request Workflow
  • Lifecycle Event Workflow
  • Provisioning Workflow
  • Provisioning to Non-Default Domain
  • Provisioning and De-provisioning Workflows
  • Identity Governance


Trace out the sailpoint technologies competitors?

sailpoint technologies competitors are as follows:

  • Amazon
  • Centrify
  • Citrix
  • Deloitte
  • IBM
  • Satori
  • RedLock
  • Gigya
  • Okta,
  • OneLogin
  • Microsoft

What is sailpoint virtual appliance?

A sailpoint virtual appliance is an isolated installation of Sailpoint that runs inside a virtual machine and is meant to operate on a regular server or desktop computer. It simplifies the installation and operation of Sailpoint in development, test, and low-risk production settings.

Define sailpoint salesforce? Define is salesforce sailpoint?

salesforce sailpoint is a software application that offers centralised access control for cloud and on-premises IT resources. In addition, it guarantees that all user information is valid and up-to-date, and that user credentials are effectively given and controlled.

sailpoint salesforce is software used to manage Salesforce accounts, passwords, and permissions. Additionally, it handles the provisioning

what type of sailpoint professional services are provided?

sailpoint professional services provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist businesses build, deploy, and operate a secure IAM platform. Included in these services are strategy, design, implementation, operations, and client support. sailpoint’s professional services are intended to assist clients in accomplishing their goals, establishing a solid IAM foundation, renewing current identity and access management procedures, or addressing a particular difficulty.

What are the sailpoint modules?

The sailpoint modules are as follows

  • Ans: Sailpoint Password Management Module,
  • Sailpoint Policy Module,
  • Sailpoint Policy Gateway Module,
  • Sailpoint Password Management Gateway Module,
  • Sailpoint Risk Module,
  • Sailpoint Risk Gateway Module,
  • Sailpoint System Migration Module,
  • Sailpoint IdentityIQ Platform Modules
  • Sailpoint Governance Module,
  • Sailpoint Compliance Module,
  • Sailpoint Access Review Module,
  • Sailpoint Workflow Module,
  • Sailpoint Lifecycle Module,
  • Sailpoint Directory Module,
  • Sailpoint Mobile Access Module,
  • Sailpoint Platform-Gateway Module,

Sailpoint Mobile Access Gateway Module

What is a sailpoint implementation plan? What is the problem in sailpoint implementation?

A sailpoint implementation plan should outline the project’s overarching objectives, project timetable, target users and their responsibilities, as well as the steps taken to deploy Sailpoint in your business.

The problem in sailpoint implementation is, we have to connect the target application server with IdentityIQ using the TCP protocol. In some cases, we have to use the SSL.

What does an a sailpoint overview shows you? What are the sailpoint features?

You may learn from the sailpoint overview that Sailpoint provides a reliable and scalable solution that can resist even the most stringent identity and access control requirements.

The  main sailpoint features are as follows:

  • Governance
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Identity Provisioning
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Access Management
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Security
  • Password Management

• Risk Management

What exactly does sailpoint development entail?

The process of creating new applications, automating current applications, maintaining existing applications, and repairing existing applications is known as sailpoint development. sailpoint development strives to boost performance, maintain compliance, and improve operations and security

what are the elements of sailpoint iam solution?

sailpoint iam solution has following elements:

Authorization: Sailpoint gives a freedom to the user to request access to the applications and resources based on the role they play in the organization. User gets the access they should get and no more. It can also restrict the access of the user to the extent required by the organization.

Automation: Sailpoint enables the organizations to reduce the efforts required to manage the identities and access permissions. It helps the organizations to focus on key IT initiatives by eliminating the need to spend a lot of time on mundane daily tasks.

Compliance: Sailpoint makes sure that all the accesses are in compliance with the organization’s security policies. With Sailpoint, the organizations can be assured of their data security through the compliance of accesses.

sailpoint financials: what are they?

An organization’s finance and accounting users’ access privileges are managed via the sailpoint features module. It gives users of an organisation access to the general ledger (GL) and accounts payable (AP). The sailpoint features controls who has access to an organization’s general ledger and accounts payable.

What is meant by sailpoint lifecycle management? What is the duty of a sailpoint lifecycle manager?

A unified identity governance system called sailpoint lifecycle management (LCM) allows IT companies to standardise and automate user access requests, provisioning, and password management. Business users may also manage their passwords and access rights thanks to it. In order to expedite the process of implementing access requests and managing lifecycle events, sailpoint lifecycle management also automates user and role creation.

The sailpoint lifecycle manager uses a flexible provisioning strategy that can be customised to match your unique needs in order to give a full, unified solution for controlling user access. sailpoint lifecycle manager automates the request, approval, and compliance phases of user access management, allowing you to accelerate business operations and lower the cost of controlling user access.

What is meant by sailpoint on premise?

sailpoint on premise is an application that you can control behind your firewall and host in your data centre. This allows you the greatest control over system setup and data storage while also being the most cost-effective solution to implement Sailpoint in your environment. To create and maintain your own version of Sailpoint, you may also make use of the most recent open-source code that is accessible on GitHub.

What is meant by sailpoint reference architecture?

The sailpoint reference architecture specifies an integrated, standards-based system that allows companies to manage more effectively and provide safe access to mission-critical business applications, data, and services from the cloud to the data centre.

what type of sailpoint solutions are available?

The following sailpoint solutions are widely available:

  • Sailpoint Access Governance
  • Sailpoint Workflow
  • Sailpoint Mobile
  • Sailpoint Compliance Platform
  • Sailpoint Gateway
  • Sailpoint Identity Platform

Where does sailpoint testing help?

manual and automatic testing methods are offered by sailpoint testing. Manual testing is performed using the Sailpoint user interface and search parameters. The Sailpoint API is used for automated testing. The API is intended to allow Sailpoint function automation. It offers a variety of capabilities for managing accounts, profiles, and entitlements.