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4. Application Lifecycle Management
Rollbacks and Rolling Updates Deployment rolling update using kubectl rollout aided practise (command) Assisted Practice: Deployment rolling update with Deployment file editing Assisted Learning: Check the rollout status Rollout pause and resume assistance Rollbacks using command and deployment file assistance Updating the rollback deployment procedure with aided practise Configure the Commands and Arguments for Applications Assisted Learning: Make a Pod using ‘echo host name’ instructions. Assisted Learning: Make a Pod with the arguments’sleep 3600′. Set environmental variables in apps Assisted Learning: Make a Pod with the environment’sample environment.’ ConfigMap Configuration in Applications Assisted Learning: Make a configmap out of the values with variable. Create a configmap from a file as practise Create a configmap from an env file as practise. Assisted Practice: Save a configmap to the POD as a file. Assisted Practice: Add a configmap variable to the POD. Assisted Practice: Create a configmap volume in the POD. Application Scale Assisted Practice: Increase the number of replicates of the application. Assisted Practice: Reduce the number of replicates in the application. Scale up and down with the kubectl command for practise PODs with many containers Assisted Practice: Make a multi-container pod that has access to the same volume. PODs with many containers Patterns in Design Assisted Practice with InitContainers: InitContainers Demonstration Applications for Self-Healing Cluster Resource Management and Autoscaling.
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