Workday Prism Analytics Training

Workday Prism Analytics Training

Workday Prism Analytics Training

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About Course

Workday Prism analytics training is motivated to tackle problems in the H.R., finance, and IT departments effectively. Everything operates more quickly and simply with less effort.

Join us in CyberBrainer for Workday Course Classroom Learning now and become a professional in it to receive a program’s complete benefits. utilizing our top instructors

Take advantage of a huge data hub management resource to run your program’s capacity incredibly effectively for each work.

You are welcome to apply for the numerous job openings on Workday Prism analytics. So, finish the course right away.

Be certified in it under the direction of our knowledgeable educator at each of its insights.

Who can learn the Workday Prism Analytics Training:

Workday prism analysis can be learned by anybody interested in learning it. There is no specific target audience for this type of analysis.

What you will learn in the Workaday Prism Analytics Training:

In the workday prism analysis, you will learn how to use the workday prism to analyze your workday and understand how your workday affects your overall well-being.

Prerequisites of the Workday Prism Analytics Training:

The workday prism analysis requires an understanding of the basic concepts of the marketing mix and market segmentation. In addition, the analysis requires an understanding of the workday process and how it can be used to segment markets.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is prism Analytics in Workday?

Prism Analytics is designed to help organizations make better decisions by providing them with the ability to visualize and analyze data from multiple data sources. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to create custom reports and dashboards, as well as collaborate on data analysis.

2.How much does Workday Prism Cost?

Workday offers a free trial to businesses so they can determine if the software is a good fit for their needs. After the free trial, Workday charges a subscription fee that is based on the number of users and the level of functionality required.

3.What is Workday Data?

Workday data can refer to a variety of different types of data used in relation to workdays or workplace productivity. However, some examples of workday data include time tracking data, employee productivity data, and data related to workplace.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Set Up Tenant for Prism Analytics
  • 2 .Dataset Concepts
  • 3. Creating Datasets
  • 4. Securing Data in Datasets
  • 5.Preparing Datasets for Publishing
  • 6. Deleting Prism Analytics Data.


  • There is no prerequisites to learn Workday
  • Basically you should have understanding of Workday HCM

Course Content

4. Editing Datasets

7. Deleting Prism Analytics Data

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  • Duration
    5 hours 20 minutes
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  • Last Update October 11, 2023