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SPSS Training

SPSS Training

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About Course

We provide SPSS training in both self-paced and instructor-led formats.

SPSS online training with an instructor prepare you to cope with real-world project issues.

SPSS is a major statistical programme that is frequently utilised in top MNCs. It minimises corporate complexity through extensive data analysis.

It is simple to interact with open source systems by using a variety of computer languages.

SPSS has a lot of work chances on the market with good pay.

SPSS training and certification courses can help you advance in your job. Our Operations staff can provide further information about SPSS training.

Who can learn the SPSS:

Anyone can learn SPSS, as it is user-friendly statistical software. However, those who are already familiar with statistical software may find it easier to learn.

What you will learn in the SPSS:

With SPSS, you can easily view data, perform analyses and generate clear, presentable results. The software also enables you to easily share your results with others.


               Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I convert among SAS, Stata and SPSS files?

On this page, conversions of different data formats are discussed.  In general, the strategies should work with SAS 9.*, SPSS 14+ and Stata 11.  If you have Stata 11 and you need to convert your data to other formats, you need to use the save old command within Stata for saving the data in Stata version 10 format before you convert the data set.

2.What are the Limitations of SPSS?

One of the biggest disadvantages of using SPSS is that you cannot use it to analyze a big data set. There are certain fields where there is a huge trove of data present. In such industries, using SPSS might not be the best option out there.

3.How many cases can SPSS handle?

Using Student SPSS when a File Exceeds the Student SPSS Cases/Variables Limits. Student SPSS has a limit of a maximum of 1500 cases and 50 variables. If you want to use Student SPSS to analyze a file that exceeds these limits, you must create a new version of the file that does not exceed the limits.

4.What type of Research is SPSS used for?

SPSS is commonly used in healthcare, marketing and education research. The types of data analyzed using SPSS is widely varied. Common sources include survey results, organization customer databases, Google Analytics, scientific research results and server log files.

5. What is SPSS called now?

IBM SPSS Statistics (2010) The new official name is now IBM SPSS Statistics and is part of IBM’s analytics portfolio. IBM SPSS Statistics (2017) 25.0.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Research Methods
  • 2. Statistics
  • 3. SPSS Environment
  • 4. Exploring Data With Graphs
  • 5. Exploring Assumptions
  • 6. Chi-Square.


  • Prerequisites of the SPSS
  • There are no specific prerequisites for SPSS, however, a basic understanding of statistics and data analysis would be beneficial.

Course Content

8. Categorical Predictor in Multiple Regression

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  • Last Update October 11, 2023