Uipath StudioX Training

Uipath StudioX Training

Uipath StudioX Training

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About Course

UiPath is considered as the most sought-after Romanian technology. Learn this Course in the Best Modes with the Help . UiPath provides the resources necessary for the company to complete tasks that encourage fast business transformation. UiPath meets the need for dependable, rapid, clever, and resilient solutions to an organization’s problems.

Because UiPath requires organisations to design their automation processes using diagrams. As a result, you will be taught UiPath in live sessions by the top trainers, using exact videos, projects, and live scenarios. You should be aware that UiPath has a bright future as well as a good salary. So, join us to seize this fantastic chance.

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to advance your career in the wide RPA tool technology right now. As a qualified UiPath specialist, you will be in charge of managing robotic business automation.

As this technology advances, most businesses are searching for UiPath employees with significant understanding. So join us to take advantage of this opportunity to study this RPA tool and pass the interview with career aid.

Who can learn the Ui path StudioX:

UiPath StudioX is a free, cloud-based application that can be used by anyone to create complex, extensible robotic process automation solutions with little or no prior knowledge of robotics.

What you will learn in the Ui path StudioX:

In the UiPath StudioX, you will learn how to build and design automation using the drag-and-drop interface. You will also learn about the various activities that can be used to build automation.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use StudioX ?

StudioX aims to enable users without coding experience to automate their own repetitive tasks. If you can break a task into the logical steps required to perform it, and have basic technical “know how” such as the ability to proficiently work with Microsoft Excel (for example, you are familiar with formulas such as VLOOKUP, you know how to create pivot tables or how to run macros) StudioX may be the right automation tool for you.

2.Do activities Intended for Studio Work in StudioX?

Any activities package can be added as a project dependency in StudioX from the Manage Packages window. For more information about adding package sources and installing packages, see managing activities packages in the Studio Guide.However, activities intended for StudioX follow different design guidelines, so it may be difficult or impossible to use some Studio activities in StudioX:

  • StudioX keeps variable types very simple by design, while many activities designed for Studio require the user to modify and configure specific types which StudioX does not support. If this is the case, the user will not able to successfully use the activity.
  • The key properties of StudioX activities are available in the body of the activity (in the Designer panel). StudioX users are not accustomed to configuring activities from the Properties panel.
3. What are the tasks that StudioX Currently Automates?

With UI automation, StudioX allows you to work with virtually every web and desktop app. StudioX offers support for Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and SAP to speed up your day-to-day work.

4. What is the difference between UiPath Studio and StudioX?

StudioX is UiPath’s effort to build a development environment for people with no prior software background or coding skills. Whereas, UiPath Studio, the original development environment is meant for developers to build more complex automation.

UiPath Studio is a powerful and user-friendly automation development platform designed to help businesses maximize efficiency and free up their employees from mundane tasks. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities to help create workflows and automate processes. StudioX is a specialized version of UiPath Studio that makes it easy for non-technical personnel to rapidly create automated processes. It has a simplified user interface and drag-and-drop capabilities that allow users to quickly create and deploy automated workflows without having to write any code.

5. What was the exact mean of UIPATH STUDIOX and Features?

UiPath StudioX is a browser-based, drag-and-drop interface that empowers non-technical users to automate complex tasks in minutes. It can be used to create automations with activities such as clicking, typing and dragging and dropping, and is best suited for automating simple, repetitive tasks. It provides a library of pre-built activities, templates and connectors that allow users to quickly build automations and share them with others.

UiPath StudioX is a low-code robotic process automation (RPA) platform that enables business users to automate manual tasks with drag-and-drop ease. It is a cloud-based, AI-powered platform that works on both Windows and Mac. It allows users to quickly design, develop, and deploy automation projects, without the need for complex coding. StudioX offers a powerful visual workflow designer, allowing users to develop automation projects quickly and easily. It also includes a library of pre-built activities and templates, which can be used to accelerate the development process.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. User Automation and Studiox
  • 2. Recap of Topics
  • 3. Word Automation with Studiox
  • 4. Working With Data in StudioX
  • 5. Error Handling in StudioX
  • 6. Get Started with StudioX.


  • Prerequisites of the Ui path StudioX
  • There are no specific prerequisites for the Ui path StudioX. However, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of programming concepts and some experience with one or more programming languages.

Course Content

1. Get Started with StudioX

2. User Interface Automation and StudioX

3. Recap of Topics

4. Word Automation with StudioX

5. Decisions, Iterations and Scenarios in StudioX

6. Error Handling in StudioX

7. Files and Folder Automation in StudioX

8. Working With Data in StudioX

9. Email Automation with StudioX

10. Excel Automation With StudioX – Part 1

11. Excel Automation With StudioX – Part 2

12. PowerPoint Automation with StudioX and Running StudioX Automation

13. Virtual Automation Bootcamp with StudioX

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  • Last Update October 11, 2023