SailPoint IdentityIQ Training

SailPoint IdentityIQ Training

SailPoint IdentityIQ Training

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About Course

By employing SailPoint’s password and access control strategies to prevent the exposure of sensitive files, SailPoint, a leader in IAM (Identity Access Management), assists businesses all over the world in achieving the highest level of security in their organization. In order to provide identity governance to its users, SailPoint controls user access and logs login information. CyberBrainer provides the best SailPoint Training because of its Live Online Training, self-paced, corporate, and 1:1 session SailPoint training options, advanced curriculum, and flexible scheduling. To provide the greatest learning environment, realistic scenarios, practical projects, and mock interviews are created. Learning SailPoint is the ideal step toward landing your dream career since training specialists with years of classroom experience are available to solve your issues and provide guidance.

With the greatest market share and the highest demand for experts in its software, SailPoint is a dominant participant in the worldwide identity access management market. The goal of our SailPoint IdentityIQ Implementation & Development training course is to arm you with all the fundamental information required to manage, implement, and create SailPoint IdentityIQ Identity & Access Management Software.

Enterprise identity management pioneer SailPoint improves IT while enabling businesses to safeguard digital identities.

The robust identity security capabilities of SailPoint have led to its widespread use as a tool in the industry.

Who can learn the SailPoint IdentityIQ:

There is no one answer to this question since there is no one specific way to learn SailPoint IdentityIQ. However, some methods for learning this software may include attending workshops or taking online courses. Additionally, many software vendors offer free trials of their products, so it may be beneficial to explore this option as well.

What you will learn in the SailPoint IdentityIQ:

In the SailPoint IdentityIQ Training, you will learn about the features and functions of the SailPoint identity IQ platform. You will also learn how to deploy and configure the SailPoint identity IQ platform.

          Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is SailPoint Identity IQ?

SailPoint Identity IQ centrally manages user access to essential apps and data throughout the company. It reduces user access threats and ensures data privacy compliance for enterprises. Identity governance, access provisioning, password management, and automated compliance reporting are covered.

2.Who is Eligible to Participate in SailPoint Identity IQ?

SailPoint Identity Training is for business identity and access management (IAM) solution designers, implementers, and administrators. Anyone interested in SailPoint Identity IQ may use it.

3.What can you expect to learn in SailPoint Identity IQ through out your time?

While learning identity and access management, design and operate SailPoint Identity IQ components and processes, automate governance, and comply with security and privacy regulations. User provisioning, access certification, and entitlement reviews are addressed. Data privacy and IAM best practices will also be discussed.

4.What New Skills Will You Acquire in SailPoint Identity IQ?

SailPoint Identity IQ teaches identity governance, access control, identity analytics, and compliance management. Work with identity repositories, automate user provisioning, manage privileged accounts, and create identity-driven security regulations.

5.What are the Requirements of SailPoint Identity IQ?

Requirements of SailPoint Identity IQ are as follows:

  1. Hardware: – A minimum of 4 vCPUs – 16GB of RAM – 200GB of disk space 2. Operating System: – Windows Server 2012 R2 – RedHat Linux 6.x
  2. Database: – Oracle 12c – Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  3. Application Server: – Apache Tomcat 8.x – IBM WebSphere 8.x
  4. Web Browser: – Mozilla Firefox – Google Chrome – Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.


What Will You Learn?

  • 1.Overview of SailPoint Interface
  • 2. Templates for Emails IdentityIQ
  • 3.Editing Workflow XML
  • 4. Topics for Advanced Workflow
  • 5.Role Management Definition
  • 6.Establish Policies.


  • Prerequisites of the SailPointidentityIQ
  • There are no specific prerequisites for the SailPointidentityIQ. However, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of identity and access management (IAM) concepts.

Course Content

Installation of Systems Supported by Sailpoint and Virtual Machine (Is Mac, Linux, or Windows supported?)

Population and Group Examples of User Interface Groups

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  • Duration
    5 hours 20 minutes
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  • Last Update June 4, 2024