Qradar SIEM Training

Qradar SIEM Training

Qradar SIEM Training

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About Course

QRadar training is for the QRadar intelligence platform, which gives unified planning of functions that work together with a single user interface for the Security Operations Center (SOC).

ORadar training was made so that security could be provided in different parts of an organisation.

On our platform, you can take online classes taught by experts and get help at any time to learn your course on your own time.

Along with a hands-on experiment, our courses cover all the important modules you need to know for a QRadar certification exam.

This safety radar SIEM certification proves that you have the skills and knowledge to set up Security QRadar.

Join us and learn about the different security modules of QRadar. Then, pass the QRadar certification exam to keep your certification.

Get started and get the security analyst job of your dreams.

What you will learn from Qradar SIEM Training:

Qradar SIEM will teach you how to effectively use a SIEM system to monitor and secure your organization’s data. You will learn how to install and configure Qradar SIEM, as well as how to create custom reports and dashboards to better visualize your data. Additionally, you will learn how to use Qradar’s advanced features to investigate and respond to security incidents.

Who can learn from Qradar SIEM Training:

Qradar SIEM is designed for security professionals who need to monitor and analyze enterprise networks for security threats. It can be used by anyone who needs to monitor and analyze data for security purposes.

                Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is QRadar SIEM?

IBM QRadar is an Enterprise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product. It collects log data from an Enterprise, its Network Devices, Host Assets and Operating Systems, Applications, Vulnerabilities and User Activities and Behaviors.

2.What is QRadar Tool?

IBM® QRadar® is a network security management platform that provides situational awareness and compliance support. QRadar uses a combination of flow-based network knowledge, security event correlation, and asset-based vulnerability assessment.

3.Is QRadar Software or Hardware?

IBM® QRadar® appliances are pre-installed with software and the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® operating system. You can also install QRadar software on your own hardware. Thank you for ordering your appliance from IBM!

4.What is the Difference Between Splunk and QRadar?

Specialization: QRadar specializes mostly in Security-related tools and is deep-rooted in monitoring the cyber activities of an organization. Splunk has multiple products that manage Application performance monitoring, provide hosted services, deals with Hadoop Big data analytics and handle security-related subjects.

5.Is QRadar an EDR?

QRadar XDR is an open Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Ecosystem that Facilitates a Holistic Approach to Integrate Security tools and data, while leaving data where it is. QRadar® XDR can Integrate with the following security tools. The QRadar XDR solution can include the following IBM Security applications.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. A First Look at SOC
  • 2. Qradar: A Quick Overview
  • 3. Engaging in log Work
  • 4. Intercep
  • 5. Monitoring
  • 6. Complex Topics.


  • Prerequisites of Qradar SIEM training
  • The prerequisites for QRadar SIEM are:
  • 1. A minimum of 4 GB of memory is required for the Console.
  • 2. A minimum of 2 GB of memory is required for each managed host.
  • 3. A minimum of 4 CPU cores are required for the Console.
  • 4. A minimum of 2 CPU cores are required for each managed host.
  • 5. A minimum of 100 GB of storage is required for the Console.
  • 6. A minimum of 50 GB of storage is required for each managed host.


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  • Last Update October 12, 2023