Ping Federate Training

Ping Federate Training

Ping Federate Training

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About Course

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Who can learn the Ping Federate Training:

Anyone who is interested in learning about Ping Federate can take this training. There are no prerequisites for this course.

What you will learn in the Ping Federate Training:

In the Ping Federate Training, you will learn how to configure and manage Ping Federate, how to deploy Ping Federate in a variety of environments, and how to integrate Ping Federate with other identity management systems.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Ping Federate?

Ping Federate, a standards-based SSO and identity management platform, provides safe, flexible business applications and service user access control. Enterprises may authenticate, authorize, and control user and application access. Ping Federate protects data and resources by securing web, mobile, API, and cloud applications.

2.Who is Eligible to Participate in Ping Federate Training?

Ping Federate Training is open to anyone interested in learning about the Ping Federate Identity and Access Management software. It can benefit IT professionals and Security Architects who want to learn more about identity and access management solutions.

3.What can you expect to learn through out your time in Ping Federate Training?

Ping Federate Training teaches identity federation, how to configure and manage Ping Federate servers, how to configure identity providers and service providers, how to troubleshoot and debug Ping Federate servers, how to secure and optimize them, how to deploy them in a high availability environment, and how to develop custom solutions using the SDK.

4.What New Skills Will You Acquire in Ping Federate Training?

Ping Federate Training will teach you how to install and configure PingFederate and its components, diagnose and debug setup difficulties, develop identity federation and single sign-on solutions, and manage access control and security. Learn how to utilize SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect in Ping Federate.

5.What are the Requirements of a Ping Federate?

Ping Federates need:

  1. JRE 8+
  2. A Ping Federate administrator console web server
  3. A relational configuration database
  4. An LDAP directory for user data 5. An SMTP server for email
  5. A SAML assertion certificate.
  6. Client application Ping Federate server network access.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1.Installation of PF on Windows
  • 2.Concepts of SAML
  • 3.Concepts of Oauth, Oidc
  • 4.Working configuration for Saml, Oidc, Oauth
  • 5.Overview of Customisation in PingFederate
  • 6.Working with OGNL Expression.


  • Prerequisites of the Ping Federate Training
  • Before you begin with the Ping Federate Training, there are some prerequisites that one must possess. Let’s have a look at the prerequisites of the Ping Federate Training: Basic understanding of the identity and access management Basic knowledge of the web services, SOAP, and REST Basic understanding of the web server and application server, such as Apache and Tomcat Basic knowledge of XML and Java Basic knowledge of the Ping Federate functionality, such as Federation, Single Sign-On, and Identity Provider Basic understanding of the access control mechanisms and the authorization processes.

Course Content

1.Installation of PF on Windows

2.Concepts of SAML

3.Concepts of Oauth, Oidc

4.Creation of Dataastore, PCV, Adapter ,Saml Connection

5.Working configuration for Saml, Oidc, Oauth

6.Use of postman and Oauth Playground

7.Overview of Customisation in PingFederate

8.Working with OGNL Expression

9.PingFederate Authentication Policies and Selectors

10.Certificate Management

11.Logs Study Clustering in PingFederate

12.Installation of Pongged on Docker

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  • Last Update October 12, 2023