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CSSA Training

CSSA Training

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About Course

PEGA CSSA training is a certification course for designers who have passed the CSA exam. PEGA CSSA is an abbreviation for Certified Senior System Architect (CSSA).

In PEGA CSSA training, you may learn how to construct the framework, event management, modelling details, accounting, knowledge sharing, security, upgrade flexibility, and computer interface.

PEGA training comprises executing best practises, perceiving application checking and execution optimization, and tending to security or access standards in an application.

Learning PEGA CSSA through online classes provides you with hands-on learning experience as well as project work.

Join and get  practical and job-assistance PEGA online training and receive useful course material as well as PEGA interview questions and answers.

You must be properly prepared for the exam in order to obtain a PEGA CSSA certification. PEGA CSSA certification has a 70% pass rate.

Our training gradually introduces you to your workplace and prepares you for employment.

Register for our online webinar now.

Who can learn the PEGA CSSA:

The PEGA Certified Senior System Architect (CSSA) certification is designed for PEGA System Architects who have a minimum of five years of experience designing, building, and maintaining PEGA applications and who wish to demonstrate their mastery of PEGA fundamentals’.

What you will learn in the PEGA CSSA:

In the PEGA CSSA, you will learn the fundamentals of the PEGA platform, how to build applications using the PEGA platform, and how to deploy and manage PEGA applications.


              Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the CSS frameworks?

CSS frameworks are libraries that make web page styling easier. Some of them are Foundation, Bootstrap, Gumby, Ukit, Semantic UI, etc..,

2. How do we use  the Ruleset ?

The ruleset is used for the identification of selectors, which can be attached with other selectors. The two parts of a ruleset are:

Declaration block: contains one or more semicolon-separated declarations

Sector: indicates the HTML element needed to be styled.

3. What are the elements of the CSS Box Model?

The CSS Box modeldefines the layout and design of CSS elements. The elements are content (like text and images, padding (the area around content), border (the area around padding), and margin (the area around the border).

4. Differentiate between CSS3 and CSS2?

The main difference between CSS3 and CSS2 is that CSS divides different sections into modules and supports many browsers. It also contains new General Sibling Combinators responsible for matching similar elements.

5. What is meant by RGB Stream?

RGB represents colors in CSS. The three streams are namely Red, Green, and Blue. The intensity Of colors is represented using numbers 0 to 256. This allows CSS to have a spectrum of visible colors.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. User Interface: User Portals
  • 2. Application Versioning
  • 3. Managing Application Content
  • 4. Localized Application Content
  • 5. Simulating Integration
  • 6. Background Processing
  • 7. Keyed Data Pages
  • 8. Parallel Processing .


  • Prerequisites of the  Pega CSSA
  • There is no prerequisite for the Pega CSSA exam. However, candidates must have two years of experience in implementing Pega applications and should have worked on three projects minimum. Candidates must also have experience in the development and deployment of applications.

Course Content

21. Designing Reports with Multiple Sources

23. Offline processing for Mobile apps Enabling Accessibility Features in Applications

24. Interview Questions Preparation Tips Discussion

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  • Duration
    5 hours 20 minutes
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  • Last Update October 11, 2023