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Openspan Training

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About Course

The Open span product adds sophisticated robotic automation and workforce analysis capabilities to the Pega systems CRM & BPM platform. The open span course will teach you about unifying robotics and working analysis.

Improve your automation abilities with the Cloud Foundation and learn about unified CRM solutions based on robotic automation. Learn about RPA in the best live classes with professional educators and real-world projects. Get tool access to study Open span in a practical manner as well as through thorough materials.

Discover the best ways to study this technology and land a job with one of the main organizations that deal with RPA technologies. In addition, pay for Open span RPA professionals are competitive. Receive course completion and assistance in finding and cracking interviews using your newly gained abilities.

Our knowledgeable educators will prepare you to become a qualified professional. Learn how to use our Open span RPA tool to further your career in this broad technology.

Who can learn the Openspan:

There is no specific audience that OpenSpan is designed for. However, it may be of particular interest to software developers, business analysts, and other professionals who are involved in designing, developing, or testing software applications.

What you will learn in the Openspan:

OpenSpan provides a comprehensive platform for automating business processes across desktop, web, and mobile applications. OpenSpan Studio, the visual design environment, enables you to quickly and easily map process automations without writing any code.


                 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of Excel Connector in OpenSpan?

The Excel Connector is one of the connectors offered by OpenSpan. The main of this connector is that to automate your interactions with the excel files. With the use of this connector, you will be able to read the data and write the data into excel files without any hassle. To utilize this feature functionality, please make sure that you have office connectors installed while installing Studio for development.

2. What is mean by Universal Web Adapter?

There are two web Adapters available in OpenSpan. Universal Web Adapter is used in both browsers, Chrome, and Firefox. In order to use this at the time of studio installation, then you need to have chrome and Firefox extensions installed.

3. What is the main difference between WaitAll and WaitAny?

The main difference between WaitAll and WaitAny is discussed below:

  1. WaitAll: The WaitAll control will wait for all the objects are created.
  2. WaitAny: This control will wait for any one of the mandatory objects to be created. Once the object is created, then the automation will be processed automatically.
4.What is Hook Child Processes in OpenSpan?

The Hook Child Processes is a property that is very useful and applied in a scenario where if you have initiated one application then it starts another application and in turn, it ignites another application to open up the desired application.

5.Mention the Primary Functions of PEGA RPA?

Pega administered Robots acquire procedural knowledge, which over time converts into a shared library for reuse, by another robot in the same way as objects are built-in Software development. Applications are “read” by RPA, either by the dedicated APIs where they exist, or through an Operating System preceding the application on display, or on the screen in the background of a native application. At last, RPA “reads” the screen in the same way as a user does. As a component of robotics, reading the application for displaying to a user is also taught.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Modules inOpenspan
  • 2. Windows Integration
  • 3. Agile Desktop and Deployment
  • 4. Diagnostics and Debugging
  • 5. Canopy Project in Automation Anywhere
  • 6. Certification Preparation Session.


  • Prerequisites of the Openspan
  • There are no specific prerequisites for the Openspan. However, it is recommended that the users should have a basic knowledge of the software testing tools and techniques.

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  • Duration
    5 hours 20 minutes
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  • Last Update October 11, 2023