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Guidewire Training

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About Course

Guidewire technology provides P&C insurers with an all-encompassing insurance software suite designed to efficiently and cost-effectively facilitate underwriting, policy administration, claims management, and billing functions.

Its flexible yet scalable platform enables insurers to adapt quickly to changing business requirements and regulations.

Data management, business analytics, and customer engagement tools help insurers significantly enhance operational efficiencies, customer experiences, and decision-making capabilities.

Guidewire technology enables insurers to reduce costs and streamline processes more effectively and provides peace of mind about competing effectively in the marketplace.

The platform supports policy administration, claims management, billing and reporting throughout an insurer’s lifecycle.

Our modern, service-oriented software platform enables them to integrate their systems and data sources, add capabilities as needed and expand services as desired.

Policy entry manages policies, claim entry manages claims, and billing enters bills and invoices seamlessly integrating to provide a single customer and insurance lifecycle view.

Guidewire technology stands out with its user-friendly interface and ease of configurability, which make it the ideal platform for tailoring to individual insurers’ requirements, whether those insurers are large, multinational, regional, etc.

As such, insurers can easily customise the software to their business processes, workflows, and data requirements without incurring expensive custom development expenses.

Guidewire’s focus on customer experience is an asset and a testament to our dedication to putting customer experience first.

The platform includes tools and features designed to assist insurers with personalising customer engagement strategies.

PolicyCenter’s customer self-service portal allows policyholders to manage policies, submit claims, and view billing history online.

Claim entry also allows claimants to track their claims in real time to remain fully informed.

Guidewire technology also equips insurers with sophisticated analytics and reporting, helping them better comprehend business performance, pinpoint trends, and make data-driven decisions.

This platform offers prebuilt reports and dashboards and an engine capable of creating custom reports.

Guidewire systems utilise service-oriented architecture (SOA), making them highly configurable, scalable, and integrated.

This enables insurers to quickly adapt to changing business needs or market conditions.

Provide insurers with an accessible, robust platform to optimise business performance and enhance customer relations.

This course introduces learners to Guidewire, the premier provider of core system software for P&C insurance firms; tutorials and real-life examples will demonstrate how it streamlines operations, increases customer engagement, and expands business.

Students completing this course will gain knowledge of Guidewire technology and be ready to serve as administrators, developers, or consultants within the P&C insurance industry. While no prior Guidewire experience is necessary to participate in this program, knowledge of insurance and technology operations would be helpful.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Build 20 Frontend Projects From Scratch
  • No JS or CSS Frameworks
  • Modern JavaScript (ES6+) - Arrows, Fetch, Promises, etc
  • DOM Manipulation & Events
  • Animations With CSS & JavaScript
  • Fetch & JSON With 3rd Party API's
  • HTML5 Canvas, Speech API, Audio & Video
  • Beginner Friendly


  • Data mining can be used to find patterns and relationships in data that may be used to make predictions. It can be used to segment customers into groups, which can then be targeted with specific marketing messages. Data mining can help identify opportunities for cost savings or process improvements.

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3 years ago
I love creating innovative marketing strategies across all platforms from Instagram to YouTube, to Amazon. I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail than putting all my hard-earned knowledge into a course to share with you.
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  • Last Update June 10, 2024