CompTIA Network Plus Training

CompTIA Network Plus Training

CompTIA Network Plus Training

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About Course

CompTIA Network+ training teaches you how to plan and carry out network tasks like troubleshooting and setting up the network.

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It’s figuring out what the pros and cons of the current network tool configuration are.

This course explains how to manage network traffic and set security standards for networks.

Here, we show you how to get the CompTIA Network+ certification and plan your path to a career in IT network.

What you will learn from CompTIA Network Plus Training:

This Training will teach you the basics of network administration. You will learn about the different types of networks, their components, and how to manage them. You will also learn about the different protocols and technologies used in networking, and how to troubleshoot network problems.

Who can learn from CompTIA Network Plus Training:

Anyone who wants to learn about computer networking can benefit from CompTIA Network Plus. This includes people who work in network administration, network engineering, and network support.


                      Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is CompTIA’s Network+?

The CompTIA Network+ certification is an IT certification exam that verifies you have the essential knowledge and skills in networking to develop a career in IT infrastructure. Unlike other vendor-specific networking certifications, CompTIA Network+ prepares you to support the network regardless of the platform.

2.Is IT worth getting CompTIA Network+?

If you want to work in computer networking or network security, computer support, systems administration, or cybersecurity, the CompTIA Network+ certification is a good choice. You probably don’t need the Network+ certification if you want to work in programming, application development or web development.

3.Which is better CompTIA A+ or Network+?

Is CompTIA Network+ Better Than CompTIA A+? Neither certification is better as they serve two very different purposes. CompTIA A+ provides thorough foundational knowledge of IT concepts and prepares individuals for an entry-level job in IT, such as help desk technician. It addresses basic networking concepts.

4.Is Network+ good for CyberSecurity?

The Network+ certification is earned through CompTIA, and while it is not necessary for most jobs in cybersecurity, it does provide a great foundation on how computers and networks communicate with each other as well as some cybersecurity best practices.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Fundamentals
  • 2. Physical Networks
  • 3. TCP/IP Networks
  • 4. Internetworking
  • 5. Wireless LANs
  • 6 .Wide area Networks
  • 7. Defending Networks
  • 8. Network operations


  • Prerequisites of CompTIA Network Plus training
  • There are no specific prerequisites for the CompTIA Network+ certification, although it is recommended that candidates have at least six months of experience working with networks.

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    5 hours 20 minutes
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  • Last Update October 13, 2023