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CLPI Training

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About Course

The Certified Lead Privacy Implementer (CLPI) Training will teach you what you need to know and how to do it so you can build privacy frameworks that help organisations protect privacy around the world.

Before signing up for this class, you should know the basics of Linux, Unix, Windows platforms, networking, and network components.

When you’re done with the CLPI Course, you’ll know how to plan, implement, and manage a privacy framework.

This course helps you learn how to set up and run a Privacy Framework based on ISO/IEC 29100. You can get the PECB certified CLPI credentials that universities value.

You can go to Classes online and finish the course whenever you want.

You can get the certification if you pass the test with at least a 70% score or more.

What you will learn from CLPI Training:

Some of the things you will learn from completing a CLPI training program include: how to develop and implement policies and procedures, how to effectively communicate with staff and clients, how to manage and maintain confidential client information, and how to appropriately use technology in the workplace.

Who can learn from CLPI Training:

Individuals who need to understand how to apply Lean Six Sigma to effectively solve problems by using the DMAIC process.


                  Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a CLPI File?

File used by Blu-ray discs that contains clip information Describing a clip AV stream file; stored with the name “xxxxx. clpi,” where “xxxxx” is a 5-digit number that corresponds to the clip. CLPI files are located within the BDMV/​CLIPINF directory on a Blu-ray disc.

2.What is an Acorn File?

An ACORN file is a raster image created by Flying Meat Acorn, an image editor for macOS. It contains an image, as well as a record of any additions and edits made to that image. ACORN files are similar to . PSD files and other layer-based images.

3.What is a Merlin File?

MERLIN Input Files. MERLIN performs common pedigree analyses. Input files describe relationships between individuals in your dataset, store marker genotypes, disease status and quantitative traits and provide information on marker locations and allele frequencies.

4.How do I export from Merlin to Excel?

Go to File – Export

Choose the type of file you wish to export to

Select desired export options, if available

Click “Next…”

Select the destination you wish to save your exported file to.

5.What is Merlin Tool?

IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (Merlin) is a set of tools run in OpenShift containers which guide and assist software developers in the modernization of IBM i applications, allowing them to realize the value of a hybrid cloud, multi-platform DevOps implementation.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. ISO/IEC 29100 and Privacy Framework Overview
  • 2. Developing a Privacy Framework
  • 3. Setting up a Privacy Framework.


  • Prerequisites of CLPI Training
  • There are no formal prerequisites for taking CLPI training. However, it is recommended that participants have some experience working with children in a school or child care setting.

Course Content

1. ISO/IEC 29100 and Privacy Framework Overview

2. Developing a Privacy Framework

3. Setting up a Privacy Framework

4. Privacy Framework Monitoring, Measuring, Improving, and Evaluating.

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    5 hours 20 minutes
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  • Last Update October 12, 2023