Active Directory Pentest Training

Active Directory Pentest Training

Active Directory Pentest Training

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About Course

Get online training for Active Directory Pentest Courseware and learn what security professionals need to know about the threats to an organization’s infrastructure.

To learn about this security testing tool, you can sign up with us and, with the help of our skilled trainers, get online training sessions and specific tools.

This tool is advanced enough to let professionals learn about risks and attacks in a modern Active Directory environment, analyse them, and try them out.

Join us to learn about the tool that helps Multiple domain names and forests recognise and pass attacks in live classes and on your own time.

Find out the best ways to work with this technology and get a job with the top companies. This is one of the best places to improve your skills as a leader.

With the help of value guidance, our running shoes help you get the certification, ace the interviews, and move up in your career in safety testing technologies.

What you will learn from Active directory Pentest Training:

Active Directory Pen testing will teach you how to find and exploit vulnerabilities in Active Directory deployments. You will learn how to enumerate Active Directory, identify vulnerabilities, and gain access to sensitive data. This Training will also teach you how to defense Active Directory deployments against these attacks.

Who can learn from Active directory Pentest Training:

Active directory pen testing can be learned by anyone who is interested in learning how to secure their organization’s network from attacks.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where can I learn Active Directory Pentesting?

If you are an aspirant for Active Directory Pentest or Planning for it, you must connect with the Infosec Train for the training program. We are an online training provider with a team of highly skilled experts to offer you the best guidance.

2.Is Active Directory Difficult to Learn?

Learning Microsoft’s Active Directory service is a simple process. However, it is quite sensitive and entering the wrong domain name system (DNS) can alter the whole outcome. There are many paths you can take to master Active Directory. All you need to do is invest enough time and effort into learning this tool.

3.What are the 5 Roles of Active Directory?

Schema master.

Domain naming master.

RID master.

PDC emulator.

Infrastructure master.

4.How do I Troubleshoot Active Directory?

Techniques to Troubleshoot Active Directory issues

Run diagnostics on domain controllers. When you install the Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services role, Windows also installs a command-line tool named dcdiag.

Test DNS for signs of trouble.

Run checks on Kerberos.

Examine the domain controllers.

5.What are 3 main Advantages of Active Directory?

The Top 3 major benefits of Active Directory Domain Services are:

Centralized Resources and Security Administration.

Single Logon for Access to Global Resources.

Simplified Resource Location.

6.What are the 3 main Components of an Active Directory?

The Active Directory structure is comprised of three main components: domains, trees, and forests. Several objects, like users or devices that use the same AD database, can be grouped into a single domain.

7.What are the Common Issues in Active Directory?

Active Directory Replication Issues.

User Account Lockouts.

Group Policy Issues.

DNS / DHCP Issues.

FSMO Roles.

Logon Failures.

Active Directory Database Issues.

Kerberos Issues.

What Will You Learn?

  • 2. Attacking Active Directory
  • 3. Post-Compromise Enumeration
  • 4. Post-Compromise Attacks
  • 5. Post Exploitation.


  • Prerequisites of Active directory Pentest Training
  • 1. Understanding of the Active Directory environment
  • 2. Familiarity with Active Directory security features
  • 3. Knowledge of common Active Directory attack vectors
  • 4. Experience with penetration testing tools and techniques
  • 5. Ability to develop custom tools and scripts (if necessary).

Course Content


2. Attacking Active Directory

3. Post-Compromise Enumeration

4. Post-Compromise Attacks

5. Post Exploitation.

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  • Last Update October 13, 2023